Grow from flatline to $175k per week using blogger outreach and authority content

We helped this US eCommerce store turbocharge its revenue through a killer Content Marketing campaign that saw us combining contests, giveaways and authority content. The campaign also drove ranking, and helped the store become the number one in its category in the US.

1. Background

This US eCommerce store came to us about to close down the business, as it was unprofitable and too small for the amount of work they were putting in. We started a Content Marketing and SEO campaign to increase their website traffic and sales.


2. Objective

The nature of this business meant that no one in the industry was able to run paid ads on any platform. Of course, this meant the entire industry was essentially restricted to SEO and Content Marketing. Could the Ninjas break through?

We identified that buyers of their products were extremely passionate and that the market was extremely contentious, meaning lots of online coverage about regulation and laws. They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity, and when it comes to Content Marketing they’re absolutely right!


3. Strategy

We crafted a Content Marketing strategy that expanded over the course of the first year, eventually including guest posting and sponsored content, blogger and vlogger outreach, sponsorships and social media giveaways. Phew!

We kicked off the campaign with a focus on research-led articles that debunked some “junk science” around the products. A number of these articles took a controversial stance that garnered popularity on influential websites read by the client’s target audience.

To broaden our reach and boost the backlink profile of the website, we arranged features in small business and entrepreneurial related magazines and websites discussing the challenges of being an entrepreneur in such a controversial sector.

As the brand became more established online, we put some kick-ass blogger outreach work into action. We connected with influencers to organise review features of their products. We also got the store featured on a high-profile YouTube channel with over 100,000 subscribers, with the YouTuber reviewing some of their products.

4. Results

  • After a year-long campaign, traffic to the website improved by 1,340% and revenue was up by 14,374% compared to the previous year!
  • We secured regular contribution pieces to influential websites in their market.
  • Our giveaway hosted by one of these generated over 30,000 entries and resulted in a tripling of our client’s Facebook page likes. Their Twitter following doubled as a result too.
  • The site is now dominating the Search Engine Results Pages for many of the industry’s most profitable keywords.
  • Weekly revenue broke $175k in October 2017.
  • The client has just doubled their investment in Exposure Ninja’s marketing service and has entered their third year working with us.
  • One of our Content Marketing team was invited to speak at an industry conference about the client’s industry due to the quality of his articles, despite not actually using the products at all.




Whilst we love nothing more than showing such huge increases in ranking, traffic, and conversions in a short period of time, as you’ll see from our other case studies, SEO usually takes time. Any campaigns that see fast results like these result from a combination of a very engaged client willing to invest money and energy, and some seriously Ninja SEO work.