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The Parabolic Lift

The Panova Lift has made the church accessible to all, regardless of mobility issues -

Minsterworth Deacon

The Manufacturer:

Panova is manufactured in the UK, and was designed by a former aeronautical engineer. This pedigree is reflected in the quality of the materials and the design. each Panova is hand made to order, no two are the same. 

Only Lifts review:

Only Lifts are drawn to innovations, for innovations provide the best solutions for the widest range of challenges. However it's not always simply about providing access, there should be an aesthetic value especially when dealing with high profile or sensitive locations. The Panova ticks the box in all cases, it's individual design allows plenty of scope for finishes and utility.

Features and Benefits

When at rest the Panova wheelchair platform lift is completely flush with the lower landing floor. The surrounding floor covering can be inlaid on the platform to give superior aesthetics, this could be carpet tiles, vinyl, wood or even stone or marble.

Once positioned on the platform lift the safety barrier edges rise to prevent the wheelchair rolling over the edge. This is also a visual indicator that the lift is about to move off.

The Panova wheelchair lift is propelled slowly upwards by powerful hydraulic ingenuity. This makes the lift feel very secure and sure-footed. Gently rising, once clear of the floor surface the real magic begins as the platform starts to curve up and over the stairs in what would technically be called a parabolic arc. By following closely and never being too far from the stairs you feel more secure.

Once the Panova reaches the upper landing the front safety barrier lowers allowing the user to exit the platform. The underside of the platform does not touch the stairs at any point which makes the Panova wheelchair lift especially appropriate for a listed building where damage could occur to the steps.


As will a traditional passenger lift you will find call buttons on each landing allowing someone not on the lift to operate the platform lift.

Once in the raised position, the underside safety sensors are integrated into the safety skirt of the lift protecting any object that may be in the path of the descending platform. The pit is also protected by a rising safety panel.


The Panova wheelchair lift is individually designed and manufactured for each application, no two are the same.  If you require something special we are very happy to try and accommodate you.

Capacity: 300 - 500 Kg

Maximum Vertical Height: 1.0 metre

Pit Required: 350-400mm

Power Supply: 240v 1Ph

Internal / External: Both

Standards: Machinery Directive

Space Requirement: Variable - Custom Made

Platform Sizes: Variable - Custom Made

Pricing Guide: £ 15 - 25K +vat 

You may not need to pay VAT (VAT Rules Here)

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Free access consultation

Disabled Living Foundation trained

"Trusted Assessor"

(What is a trusted Assessor - Click Here

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